Credentials/ Original

We collect our credential / original clothing as donated from the highest income towns from Boston to New York City. These are some of the wealthiest towns in the USA, producing the best Credential Clothing in the United States. The clothing is made up of a wide variety of fabrics and brands. Cotton, Wool, Synthetic Fabrics, Athletic Materials, etc. The Clothing consists of Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s clothing. Our bales contain a variety of international brands such as: GAP, Timberland, Nike, Levi, and always some items with tags. The bales are made up of approximately 30% winter weight and 70% summer weight clothing. The bales do not have shoes or purses included, clothing only. The main advantage that our product has over other companies in the industry is quality. We have been in the business for 25 years. We are not the cheapest, but we have the best quality. We collect the best clothing, and we do not have any retail stores, so our customers are receiving bales with the highest percentage of “cream” than anyone else. Our bales will net customers larger revenues due to the quality of our product from top to bottom. We sell our credentials in 1000 pound (450 kg) bales. We are able to supply 4+ containers per month of our credential material.



Mixed Institutional

Our second tier product is our mixed institutional used clothing. This product consists of a similar makeup to our credential product, the main difference is that the donations come from less affluent areas on the North East. The product is extremely good for an institutional grade clothing. Our institutional is better than many companies credential clothing, due to the general wealth of the North East United States. The clothing is made up of a wide variety of fabrics and brands. Cotton, Wool, Synthetic Fabrics, Athletic Materials, etc. The Clothing consists of Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s clothing. Our bales contain a variety of international brands. We have many happy customers that have purchased our mixed institutional clothing in the past. It is a great value for the quality. The biggest advantage that our product has is we have relationships with donation centers across the North East that supply us clothing for much lower than anyone else would be able to secure pricing for, inside the USA and Internationally. Due to these connections, we are able to supply large quantities of clothing on a weekly and monthly basis. We are able to supply 15+ containers per month if customers demand the product. Great deal of scalability for our mixed institutional product.

Tropical Institutional

On par with our Mixed institutional, is our Tropical Institutional. We have partnered with donation centers in Southern USA states to supply large bales containing Tropical only clothing. This clothing is collected from the highest income areas in the Southern United States. The Clothing collected is made up of 5% winter and 95% summer due to the areas collected. The clothing is not sorted, or sold in stores; only shoes and purses are removed from the donations. This product is made up of light weight tropical fabric materials like cotton, and light synthetics. The bales consist of Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s clothing, and contain a variety of international brands. This Product is perfect for the African Market, should any of our clients in Eastern Europe resell products in Africa. Like our Mixed Institutional, we are able to supply 15+ containers per month if customers demand the product. Great deal of scalability for our tropical institutional product.



Linens and Household (Ropa de Casa)

We also have a supply of Linen Bales. These bales consist of the larger household donated items that are not strictly clothing. Our linens or household rummage includes bedsheets, towels, tablecloths, blankets, and other soft items for the home.  Our quality is very high as these items are collected from the highest income towns in the United States. The Items are made of Cotton, Wool, Goose Down, and Synthetic materials. The bales include all shapes, sizes, and colors of household linen items.  Our Linen bales are 1000 pounds (450 kg). We are able to supply 2+ containers per month of Linen bales.




We sell both hard and soft toys.  Our hard toys include lots of popular small toys with many famous brands like Barbie and Disney.  Our hard toys are sold in polypropylene bags.  Our stuffed animals are sold in 1000 pound bales.



used toys 
Purses, Handbags, and Backpacks
Our purse category includes purses, handbags, pocketbooks, backpacks and tote bags.  Many famous brands are included and there are many current styles and nice colors.  Our purses are sold in polypropylene bags, each filled bag weighs approximately 80 pounds.


We sell paired shoes.  Our shoes are a mix of mens/womens/childrens and include both famous label athletic shoes and some dress shoes.  Our shoes are sold in 110 pound polypropylene bags.



247559 DSC 5134
247560 DSC 5140


Our bric-a-brac consists of hard household items and is sold in 20" x 20" x 20" cardboard boxes.


Este item esta compuesto por articulos de cocina, electronicos, y una gran variedad de artefactos para el hogar. Puede encontrar cosas nuevas, usadas y en muy buenas condiciones. Estos vienen en cajas de 20 x 20 clasificados, ordenados y compactos.  


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